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Environmental Initiatives of ProCredit Bank Albania

“ProCredit Bank, responsible for the future”.

Protecting the environment and ensuring that the economic development supported by the ProCredit institutions is as environmentally and socially sustainable as possible is a central component of ProCredit’s group-wide development mission. In line with this approach, as an international institution which operates throughout the region, ProCredit Bank Albania together with other regional ProCredit banks have undertaken an awareness initiative: "ProCredit Bank, responsible for the future", which is designed to support its environmental approach. We are aware of our social and economic impact, so we want to be active, responsible members of society and to play a greater role beyond being just a banking institution.

  • 600'000 free cotton bags for reducing plastic bags' usage

Under this initiative, which aims to raise citizens’ awareness of the need to protect the environment by reducing the use of plastic bags, ProCredit banks have distributed around 600'000 free cotton bags, with 30'000 of them being donated to supermarket chains, bookstores, schools, businesses, public and private institutions. It is worth mentioning that these bags are 100% organic cotton, further highlighting the responsible approach of ProCredit Bank toward environmental protection.

  • Aktivities for children

ProCredit Bank organized a special activity for children. Invited were pupils of "Kristaq Rama" school, as well as many other children and visitors of the Zoo. Children were introduced to the premises of Eden ecological house. There, they received information on environmental protection, also some curiosities on flora and fauna. Afterwards all together they attended the theater for children played outdoor by the professional actors of National Theatre. As part of our initiative, Eco bags were distributed also to teachers who were present there.

  • High standards regarding the impact of our operations on the environment

All banks in the ProCredit group have set high standards regarding the impact of their operations on the environment. As part of this effort, ProCredit Bank Albania has implemented in-house energy-efficiency measures in its outlets and at head office. Moreover, our business client advisers drive eco hybrid cars when visiting clients. This clearly demonstrates our environmental approach, which aims to use resources more efficiently, raise public awareness and reduce harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere, thus making a contribution to environmental protection.

  • Good examples

The Environmental approach of ProCredit Bank Albania is thoroughly supported by its employees, who have contributed actively in a wide range of eco activities. As part of this initiative, employees undertook a clean-up campaign in three tourist areas (Velipoja, Vlora and Korça) at the beginning of June 2015.


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