Service Package - 0 commission for the first 6 months

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Get to know the Package Offer for Businesses | 0 commission the first 6 months

The opening of a business account at ProCredit Bank enables you to do your online bank transactions easily and fast, without having to wait in long queues and without any disruption from your daily activity. For all those business companies, which do not yet have an account with ProCredit Bank, but which want to use our digital services, we have designed a welcoming offer. Make use of our 0 commission for the first 6 months for our Business Package. Make use of the following services without paying any commission:

  • Opening and maintenance of 2 business current accounts (Albanian LEK and EUR)
  • Opening and maintenance of savings accounts (for savings accounts you get an annual interest of 1.5% in LEK and 0.5% in EUR)
  • Issuance and maintenance of 2 business cards
  • Deposits and withdrawals at ProCredit Bank ATMs 24/7
  • Provision and maintenance of the e-Banking platform
  • 5 National Transfers of up to 1.5 million ALL without any commission every month
  • Commission-free payments of customs, taxes, insurance, monthly bill payments (electricity, water, telephone, etc.)

In addition to the above services, you can also benefit from our fixed commissions for International Transfers:

  • A fixed €15 fee for "share" and "ben" commissions, or €30 for "our" type of commissions .  This is the maximum commission to be paid by the client regardless of the transferred amount.
  • A fixed €2.5 fee for ProPay international transfers made within the network of ProCredit banks in the region (Kosovo, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Bosnia, Serbia, Germany, etc.)
  • 0 Commission, for all incoming transfers

How can you apply to become a client of ProCredit Bank? ProCredit Bank offers you convenience with this part as well, inviting you to apply online.

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A Business Advisor will contact you and inform you about all the advantages of our services, and advise you considering what's best for you.

Welcome to ProCredit Bank!