EIF Guarantee Fund "WB Youth Employment"


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In cooperation with the EIF Fund, ProCredit Bank has undertaken a new initiative aimed at promoting youth employment. But how will this be accomplished? Through the WB Youth Employment guarantee fund. By offering guarantees, this program aims at supporting the employment of young people in SME businesses that are clients of ProCredit bank and also aims at training that target their professional development.

Financing amount


Interest rate


Depending on the investment plan


Preferential, fixed or variable interest rate From 50%- 80% less collateral compared to standard financing

For the category of SME business clients, the minimum number of employees under 25 years employed in these companies should be at least 1-2, in order to be able to benefit from this fund. This number must be applied for each new credit application submitted under this fund. The contract that these young people must have with the company is for a minimum of 2 years and must be submitted together with other credit related documentation. Additionally, the beneficiaries of this opportunity are also the businesses that during the last 12 months have organized trainings for at least 3 months targeting youth.

This initiative will favor and assist these businesses to realize and accomplish the intended investments with the support of the bank and on the other hand benefit facilities regarding collateral requirements and also render a positive impact on employment promotion.